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Roberto Salas is a multidisciplinary visual artist/musician whose work addresses a wide breadth of traditional and experimental approaches.  He earned his MFA from the University of California San Diego during a time when the faculty was composed of some of the most interesting conceptual thinkers of our time (including David and Eleanor Antin, Manny Farber, Jean-Pierre Gorin, and Allan Kaprow).  Salas’s highly theoretically based education, mestizo heritage, passion for global travel, and study of diverse art and culture influence his vision.  His diverse works include large-scale public art pieces, multi/cross-cultural musical performance, and community projects involving inner-city and underrepresented youth. His experience includes projects in diverse cultural pockets and disenfranchised communities within the Arctic Circle, Louisiana, Bali, Indonesia, and villages in Mexico. Salas’s personal work evolves through the adaptation and integration of mixed cultural iconographies with a perspective that is both inclusive and celebratory.


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