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Lydia Limas was born in Chicago and has resided in El Paso since 1989.  Her photography has been published in Capture El Paso (Pediment Publishing, 2008), the El Paso Times, El Diario de Ciudad Juárez, and Mezcla: Art & Writing from the Tumblewords book project (Mouthfeel Press, 2009).  She has participated in group exhibitions such as D’Arte Centre in Harlingen,Texas; the Early Works Children’s Museum in Huntsville, Alabama; Calmecac Gallery–Casa Aztlan in Chicago; the University of Texas at El Paso Centennial Museum; the Hal Marcus Gallery; YISD Galería de la Misión de Senecú; El Paso Museum of Archaeology; Chamizal National Memorial–Los Paisanos Gallery; and the Las Cruces Museum of Art, among others.


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